Basic Information


The Waking up in Baroque project falling under the Erasmus+ programme, which takes place between 2017 and 2019, is meant for first and second grade students of our gymnasium (similar to e.g. British grammar schools or high schools in the US). Our team consists of 18 members who have been chosen based on verbal interview and an English letter which had to meet four basic requirements. The chosen students arranged the topics from the most interesting to the least according to their interests and priorities, whereas each country will focus on 4 topics. Finally, three groups, each of six students, have been formed and are going to visit Germany, Italy and Lithuania.

The Czech Republic will finish the whole project as a host country in spring 2019. There are baroque topics such as religion and torture, cooking, life of the nobility or tile production. (in the Partner Schools section, you can find the complete list of topics related to each school/country.)

The project works on the principle of exchange visits – during a visit, students will stay at the host family and afterwards, they themselves will accommodate a foreign student. Thanks to this project, students will get to know the common life and traditions of foreign family and, of course, improve their English knowledge and team work.