🇱🇹 Lithuania

    Simona Špádová

    I’m 15 years old. I like sports, so I go wall climbing and I like reading. I learn French and English. In the last 4 years, I have been engaging in photographing a lot.

        Lukáš Novotný

        I’m 17 years old. I like physics and maths and love listening to music. I’m not a big fan of any sports activities. In addition to Czech, I can speak English and a little Spanish. Out of the school I work in a drugstore or spend the rest of my free time with friends.

            Simona Dulíková

            I’m 16 years old although I look like I’m 12. I love spending time with my friends or with my dog. Sleeping and watching TV series is also my daily routine. I learn English, Spanish and Latin but that doesn’t have to mean I’m good at it.

                Jan Žemlička

                I’m 16 years old and I study English and Spanish. I’m interested in computers, the mobile world and a bit in the history of the 20th century and politics. If I even have some spare time, I help with solving technical problems, play computer games or I go out to shoot photos. By the way, instead of the name ‘Jan’, Honza is used more often, anyway, most people call me Žemla.

                    Anna Dubnová

                    I’m 15 years old. I like history. I ride a horse, go wall climbing and I help to lead the PCHK Zoo Praha zoo club and to prepare children for entrance exams to grammar schools. I play the guitar and saxophone. I study English and French.

                        Veronika Nováková

                        Hi, my name is Veronika Nováková. I’m 16 years old. I speak English and also a little French, but my French sounds like a language that doesn’t exist… I like to spend time with my friends or at work. I also like to sleep, I watch TV series, shop and eat. The last thing to be said about me is, I’m very lively, talkative and stubborn person, but according to my friends, with me it’s fun.