Article about our project in Neratovické listy

Published in Listy města Neratovice 12/2017 (p. 7)

The students of František Palacký’s Gymnasium have been given a unique opportunity to enroll in the internationational project Erasmus+. The number of students, who had the chance to succeed, was limited by both age and number of students. Only students from the first and second year of the upper grade of the gymnasium (grammar school) could join the team. Ultimately, eighteen students, who had successfully met the requirements of the selection procedure, have been chosen to join the team – the necessary thing was to write a letter of motivation in English and to attend an oral interview. The gymnasium will be collaborating in two years’ period with schools from Lithuania, Germany and Sicily. The project is called ‘Waking up in Baroque’, the goal is to introduce students to the Baroque era in an entertaining way, improve their language and communication skills and to teach them to collaborate at an international level. The 18-member team will be divided into three groups and during a one-week exchange visit to one of the partner countries will, along with foreign students, collaborate on selected topics from the Baroque era.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, don’t let us lack ideas and inspiration!

Filip Janda and Anežka Dolanská, GFP Neratovice