Admissions to the project „Waking up in Baroque“

authors: Simona Špádová, Aneta Nováková, Anna Dubnová

In September 2017, students of František Palacký Gymnasium were offered a chance to take part in an international project called Waking up in Baroque.

We were asked to write a cover letter in which we gave reasons why we should be chosen for the project. We had to add something positive about why we are interested in becoming a member of a team. And because it is an international project,  we had to think about where we could take our foreign student for a day. The letters were sent to the teachers who lead the project, Mrs. Smolková and Uhrinčaťová.

Then we had an interview, where we were asked about our cover letters in details and we also had to answer some practical questions, for example how to get to Prague Castle or how to make a wig. We had to show our language skills in English with the assistence of our headmaster. At last, 18 of us were chosen and 2 spare ones too.

Later, we got a list of 12 topics that we had to organise by our personal preferences . And by this key we were divided up to three countries: Germany, Italy, Lithunania. In Germany, it is music, fashion, life of nobility and the Thirty Years’ War. In Italy, it is culinary, literature, religion, torture, decorations and art. In Lithuania, it is hairstyles, life in a village and crafts and in the Czech Republic, it is architecture, art, pharmacy/alchemy, diseases and toys.